Material Evidence

I do not think you can prove or disprove it by scraping a little ink off of it.
Dana B. Durand, Proceedings of the Vinland Map Conference 1971, p.55

List answers to the following questions:
(Follow the example, given in green.)

  1. Does the VM ink contain anatase?
  2. Do medieval map inks contain anatase?
  3. Is the anatase in the VM ink modern anatase?
  4. Does the VM ink have a yellow color?
  5. Do iron-gall inks yellow over time?
  6. Does the VM ink contain iron-gall ink?
  7. Is the VM ink carbon-based?

  1. The VM ink contains anatase
  2. Medieval map inks contain no anatase.

Using these answers to conclude if the VM is either genuine or fake.

Conclusion I:
  1. The VM ink contains anatase.
  2. No anatase in medieval map ink.
Conclude: The VM is not a medieval map.

Conclusion II:
Conclude: The VM is ...

Conclusion III:
Conclude: The VM is ...

Diffraction Small

The VM ink contains anatase. (Electron diffraction — ink sample)

Anatase1 Small

The anatase is modern anatase. (Crystal shape — electron microscopy)

Manuscripts Small

Iron gall ink yellows manuscripts. (Photograph of old manuscript)

Anatase Graph1 Small

The VM ink contains anatase. (Raman spectrum of VM ink)

Ink Small

The VM ink line is mainly yellow. (Ink line on VM, near Wales)

Anatase Graph2 Small

The VM ink is carbon-based. (Raman spectrum of black VM ink)