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Support for this web site was provided by the U.S. Department of Education/Funds for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education FIPSE Grant # P116B011454 to Brandeis University (Michael Henchman, principal investigator).

Michael Douma's skills were instrumental in the launching of this project. Peterfreund Associates have provided valuable educational expertise and evaluation.

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Michael Henchman thanks Robin Clark, Kirsten Seaver and Kenneth Towe for an ongoing colloquy on the Vinland Map. This web site should not be construed as representing their viewpoints.

This website was developed, in part, for the many hundreds of teachers who have participated in the annual NSF Chemistry-and-Art Summer Workshop, taught by Michael Henchman and Patricia Hill since 1996. The indirect support of the National Science Foundation through NSF/DUE/CCLI for this web site, is much appreciated.