First map of America?

Vinland Color
Detail from the Vinland Map showing Vinland and its legend

Is the Vinland Map the first to show America?

This detail from the Vinland Map (the top left corner) shows the North Atlantic. England and Ireland and the European coastline are highlighted in blue. Iceland and Greenland (solid green) are recognizable shapes in the farthest north. However, it is Vinland (solid red) that cannot be identified. Vinland is an enigma. Perhaps it represents part of America, the part that had been discovered by1440. If so, the Vinland Map is the first map to show America. If so, it is the oldest map of America... and enormously valuable. If so, Columbus, arriving in 1492, did NOT discover America. If so, the Vinland Map changes our view of world history. Much is changed if, indeed, the Map dates to 1440.