The Map\'s History

How the Vinland Map came to light

Enzo Ferrajoli, a dubious Spanish book dealer, later jailed for stealing rare books from libraries, takes the VM to the British Museum to be authenticated. The Museum demurs.

Ferrajoli sells the VM for $3,500 to Laurence Witten, a New Haven book dealer.

Witten dates the VM to AD 1440. Its wormholes match the wormholes on two 15th century volumes.

Witten sells the VM for $1M to Paul Mellon. Mellon promises the VM to Yale if it can first be authenticated.

Yale publishes a book The Vinland Map and the Tartar Relation authenticating the VM. Mellon gives the VM to Yale. Yale publicizes the map. It commands worldwide attention.

Title page of the Smithsonian Conference proceedings
Title page for Yale’s book The Vinland Map ……

Following a conference on the VM, organized by the Smithsonian Institution, the VM is sent to scientists for scientific testing. Controversy ensues.

Forty years later, the controversy still continues. Testing continues. Most investigators agree that the VM is a forgery. A determined few doggedly believe that it isn't.

This is your chance to review the evidence and make your own determination.